Topic guides give people information as to what the Topic is and why it is required.

Topics that have been created by Ansarada in the Scorecard template all have Topic guides that have been written by industry experts, and are based on data from thousands of deals.

If a Custom Topic is created by a team member, they will be prompted to add this in.

Topic guide information
Access a Topic guide

Topic guide information

Topic guides include:

  • Description: Brief overview of Topic

  • What is it?: Detailed information about the Topic

  • Why is it important for business today?: Why it is needed for the company at present

  • Why is it important for an event tomorrow?: Information on the importance for companies going through a material event

  • Benefits of having one?: All the benefits to have this documentation meet the Requirements

  • Cons of not having one?: The consequences if a company does not meet these Requirements

Access a Topic guide

To access a Topic guide, follow these steps:

1. From the Scorecard dashboard, select the Scorecard you would like.

2. Go to the Sub menu, select Topics.

2. Select the Topic you would like to view.

3. Under the Topic description, select Read the guide.

โœ… Tip: To exit out of the Topic guide select the Exit icon.

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